New Groundbreaking Tanya Site
One-stop resource for exploring the fundamental work of Chassidus

The site includes more than 2,200 video and audio classes and programs on Tanya, all accessible via the innovative "Tanya Navigator." The Tanya Navigator is a unique tool especially developed for this site, which enables the user to filter his choices by numerous criteria, including class type (text-based learning, chapter summaries, or general discussions of concepts and themes), by lecturer (the user can sample the best and finest of Tanya teachers—Rabbis Manis Friedman, Yehoshua B. Gordon, Ben-Tzion Krasnianski and more), by topic (e.g., the beinoni, love of G‑d, tzimtzum, etc.), by book and chapter, and by date (i.e. today's Chitas).

Also available are the full text of the Tanyain Hebrew and in English translation, the full text of Rabbi Wineberg's "Lessons in Tanya" — all courtesy of Kehot Publication Society, as well as dozens of essays and articles on the Tanya.  

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